2018 China lighting industry brand forum held successfully

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By May 10th, Chinese quality promotion will, jointly organized China Asian Economic Development Association brand evaluation Specialized Committee, Guzhen Lighting newspaper, NVC Group Co, the theme of "brand innovation capital" of the 2018 Chinese lighting industry brand forum in Town Star Alliance 11 floor presidential hall grand opening. The well-known economist, brand experts, industry leaders, business guests 300 many people attended this event.

The leader

Guzhen Lighting newspaper editor Cao Lihui

Guzhen Lighting newspaper editor Cao Lihui said in his speech: May 10, 2018 is set up on the China brand for second years, is also the first brand lighting industry forum and altar date, hope that through the activities, so that the majority of lighting companies pay more attention to their own brand building, to promote the development of the industry brand.

With the development of the new era, the industry channels continue differentiation, the cliff style change channel proportion. In the face of the status of the industry, lighting industry brand construction is imminent. The price alone can not only rely on the industry reshuffle, the brand can shuffle. There is no brand shuffle, no brand, no future!

Start the "brand value evaluation activities, have the following meaning first, conducive to business loans, financing; second is conducive to enterprise listing, mergers and acquisitions valuation; furthermore conducive to brand publicity. Through the evaluation of brand value for enterprises to find the brand value, brand China showed to the world!

Guzhen Town People's Congress Chairman Yuan Songhua

Guzhen Town People's Congress Chairman Yuan Songhua said in his speech: with the implementation of the national brand strategy and brand Chinese on the formal establishment of Chinese brand ushered in new opportunities of globalization. The brand will become the inevitable trend of economy to promote economic restructuring and upgrading industrial town of Guzhen lighting to the world.

In 2018, Guzhen Town will continue lighting the pillar industry, to "brand" for the development strategy, through the expansion of the fair influence "," brand alliance to develop overseas market "," Guzhen held overseas exhibition "," the introduction of large business platform "and other effective measures to accelerate the pace of construction of regional brand Guzhen lighting create a new situation in the development of economy, high quality.

Event highlights

The launching ceremony

Start guest: Famous Economist / CPPCC Standing Committee / the former State Department counselor Ren Yuling, the State Council Development Research Center of market economy research institute, Ren Xingzhou, national brand policy drafters / Chinese brand experts Wan Li, chairman of the National People's Congress, Songhua Guzhen Town, Guzhen Lighting newspaper editor Cao Lihui, honyar President Wang Micheng, vice president of the group Guan Xinfeng brand in Asia the general manager of the newspaper, Guzhen Lighting Strategy Center Yang Jun, general manager of Guzhen Lighting newspaper operations center Zhong Chao

As the lighting industry's first brand forum, the event aims to continue to promote the development of industry brand forward, so that the majority of lighting companies pay more attention to their own brand building. Start the "brand value evaluation activities, with the most objective perspective, the way of obtaining justice, highlight award enterprises, brand value evaluation.

The theme of the speech

- "seize the opportunities of the times, create brilliant lighting"

The Economist / CPPCC Standing Committee / former State Department counselor Ren Yuling

Ren Yuling from the overall situation of domestic and international, analyzes the opportunities of lighting industry present situation.

The development of technology, a new era of opportunities

Along with the Internet and the progress of science and technology, all countries in the world attach great importance to the development of network technology and the. Including Chinese countries have formulated national manufacturing strategy, look at the lighting industry in the situation, enterprises should strengthen the development of courage, courage, and create more brilliant tomorrow.

Two, the main contradiction transformation opportunities

China socialism into a new era, the main contradiction in our society has been transformed into people's pursuit of a better life and development imbalance is not sufficient. This means that China's national consumption demand will be upgraded to a new level, in which must be accompanied by a great opportunity.

Third, innovation and talent bonus opportunities

At present the country invested in the construction of science and technology innovation power is high, which means that the science and technology innovation China will become more and more fertile soil. At the same time, the emergence of a large number of talents in Colleges and universities of our country, make our country enter the talent dividend era. Lighting enterprises must grasp the talent, retain talent, create more opportunities for the lighting industry.

Four, opening up and The Belt and Road opportunities

At this year's Boao forum, said China's clear: China open door is not closed, only bigger and bigger. The construction of Chinese The Belt and Road created hundreds of millions of wealth for China and neighboring countries, also creates a broad road for the lighting industry to go abroad. In this situation, we must make the enterprise bigger and stronger, China lighting industry to go abroad, to the world.

Finally, Ren Yuling suggested that if you want to seize the opportunity in the new era, the new situation, to create a strong brand, it must lianhaoneigong. The requirements of enterprises, the first to do the system of modernization construction; secondly, to study and strengthen the development of confidence; third is to grasp the brand construction; finally is the enterprise must to Germany Societe generale.

- "a new era of brand strategy and upgrade"

National brand policy China brand experts, 000 / force

Wanli to transition from the traditional enterprise strategic planning and upgrading of the main line, to the guests that the brand strategy and the transformation and upgrading of the direction of enterprise at present. Wan Li said that in the new era, the China if the enterprises want to develop brand strategy and upgrade, need to pay attention to a force:

First, the strength of the brand

Business success is not only the size, if you can be clever with the strength of the brand, may make a subdivision of the field easily reach the value of the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises can not blindly pursue bigger, to create a famous brand is a way out in the field of subdivision. Not only that, but also to China eight wines as an example, to verify the guests an important way to build the brand theory, draw a brand only up to the country and the nation's height to be moved.

Two, the power of innovation

Innovation is to create the heart. If an enterprise wants to improve their own innovative strength, they should build their own enterprise culture, products can be imitated, but culture can not be copied. At the same time, should also create a new business model, enterprise management. Combination of marketing and management, can transport the Everfount power for the enterprise, to promote the development of enterprises.

Third, the power of capital

An enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, all cannot do without capital catalysis. At present, the capital town of thinking seriously behind, very few companies can do this level of capital operation. At the same time, he also encouraged the lighting enterprises to have the firm and indomitable spirit of the Long March, the courage to step out of the comfort zone, overcome the satisfaction to the capital market.

"Quality - consumption and high quality lighting industry development"

The State Council Development Research Center of market economy and former director Ren Xingzhou

The road direction, Ren Xingzhou upgrading stage of the industry from the lighting industry and other aspects of consumer LED lighting industry transformation and innovation development.

Ren Xingzhou believes that the current lighting industry the main problems are: the existence of excess capacity in the low-end, high-end products; independent brand product supply is obviously insufficient; innovation and development ability is not strong, lack of core technology; rising labor costs on the industry's influence; marketing innovation is insufficient, lack of talent, restricting the development of.

In the face of these problems, Ren Xingzhou think lighting industry to promote the transformation and upgrading, promote innovation and development, we need to do the following:

The supply side structural reform, improve the quality of the protection and the establishment of a strong brand, to achieve excellent quality, adhere to the brand; innovation investment, innovation driven development; the formation of a breakthrough in technology development and intensive development of the industry, and strive to build a world-class advanced industrial cluster; combined with the Internet plus mode, online and offline integration, marketing innovation the way; opening in The Belt and Road in advance, the realization of the two "go out", products go to production to go out (capacity cooperation).

Finally, Ren Xingzhou said that the development of the industry cannot do without the government, associations and enterprises to jointly promote the three party. And our country is experiencing the quality of consumption upgrade, for the lighting industry plays an indispensable role in promoting the industry, when the attention of consumers the quality of consumer demand, LED lighting industry to continue to develop in the direction of high quality.

Brand dialogue

After listening to the famous economist, brand experts after high perspicacity held a dialogue, followed by the brand link. Guzhen Lighting newspaper editor / dialogue host Cao Lihui, Wang Micheng, President of honyar NVC Group CEO Du Yinghua, OPPLE lighting vice president Ma Zhiwei, Bao Hui Lighting Group General Manager Wang Quanzhi, vice president of the group of Asian brands Guan Xinfeng, general manager of the Li Ke family intelligent lighting around the lighting industry brand development, expressed their view.

Dialogue guests posed brand

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