A "card" in the hands of products at home and abroad to navigate

To meet the needs of the market, more and more enterprises take the initiative to apply for the Zhongshan market access card

Huang Qiyan Huang Fan Zhao Xuemin

04 2018 16 July 08:32 source: Zhongshan daily

"Before the enterprises that apply for certification of trouble and money, many companies now have active consciousness, only our company's annual service enterprises is nearly 3000, most of them are lighting enterprises." In April 9th, said the Deputy Secretary General of the Guangdong Association of lighting, Guangdong Tiansheng tech Limited by Share Ltd chairman Jiang Fuyu an interview with this reporter, he has obviously felt the change of Zhongshan lighting enterprises.

In the market of small and medium-sized enterprises attach importance to "forced" certification

Jiang Fuyu introduced the previous certification and test large companies are doing, small and medium-sized enterprises produced the product to sell it, now the market has been quietly changing.

Customer requirements into the enterprise consciousness from passive to active direct power transformation. Banfu town lighting a foreign trade company, has been the only product export, the second half of 2016, foreign customers began to demand a "factory", the basic requirement is that the enterprise (through the ISO9001 international quality system certification certification). Seeing the order to the factory, the company responsible for the people to find Jiang Fuyu, only spent more than a month's time, the factory passed the certification. "There is a lot of misunderstanding of the certification before, feel trouble also toss money, then gradually found these has gradually become a basic threshold for enterprises to enter foreign markets, enterprises have more conducive to the development of customer authentication, open market." Jiang Fuyu said. It is understood that each year in the company for the ISO9001 certification enterprises reached more than 800.

Rail intelligent lighting industry incubator for Wang Mingfei 12, told reporters that the enterprise products really enthusiastic participation of diagnostic testing is much higher than the previous two years. In addition to diagnostic testing, there are some enterprises are gradually all kinds of certification, stable quality of their products through certification, stable customer base. "It is not simply to rely on price competition."

- taste the "sweetness" initiative and enhance the enterprise

The general manager of Guangdong Jie Yu Lighting Co., Ltd. Yuan Yujie has deep feelings. The company mainly works in the field of lighting, the market competition is very big. A few years ago, the company to develop the European market is not ideal. As a small business, Yuan Yujie take advantage of small enterprises "small is beautiful", a breakthrough in high power lamps, not only received a number of patents, also won the international market of green certification, bring more overseas customers for enterprises. "Foreign attaches great importance to environmental protection, so the relevant certification we won the trust of customers, for us to win real orders, and now we have to focus more on overseas markets, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and other market." Yuan Yujie said. Although the company is small, but he preferred to purchase a number of advanced detection equipment, and strive to emulate large enterprises in quality.

The process of enterprises to obtain the relevant certification, but also an effective way for enterprises to enhance their management and technology. Senior Engineer Zhu Chunhong Zhongshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau told reporters that the current public technical service platform for Guangdong to undertake export lighting export certification business has reached tens of thousands of number of batches. "If the enterprise certification requirements, certification requirements for experts, on the production, management, quality control and discuss guidance, help enterprises to meet the corresponding requirements, it is also an opportunity for enterprise self promotion." He said.

- recommend appropriate to reduce the corporate burden quality certification

Guangdong Tiansheng tech Limited by Share Ltd chairman Jiang Fuyu told reporters, with the optimization of the business environment, enterprises will serve as the main quality, will bear the main responsibility for product quality, only to strengthen their own quality management, it can be accepted by the market. The quality of management, the most basic is to comply with laws and regulations, comply with the provisions of the relevant standards. So the enterprise should recognize the trend, construction started its own quality system. The city is to intensify the construction of "quality strong city", through the productivity promotion center of the platform to promote the enterprises to improve quality, give appropriate subsidies to support, he suggested that enterprises should seize the opportunity as soon as possible to establish the concept of quality.

(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)